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 Hello. Greetings to one and all, this is Jack Lookman welcoming you to our series on Jack’s Curated Business Ideas. Today’s topic is: 

Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds.

The Inspiration

I’m apparently a very creative person. Long ago, I attempted exploring and leveraging a similar platform as described in this presentation. My conclusion was that, my idea was accepted but the process was not favorable. I also probably needed to put down some money. After a few weeks, I became frustrated and had to walk away. There was a long list of things to do. Their processes were very user unfriendly and it may not be out of place to call them rogue traders. 

Recently, I saw an advert on social media, apparently ticking some of the boxes. I thought to myself that this is a good business model, especially for some countries, where such is not popular, hence my creating this content.

Food for Thought

Some entrepreneurial minds end up in the graveyard along with their thoughts and ideas. These end up benefitting neither themselves nor society.

The Idea 

The idea is about adding value to entrepreneurial ideas, empowering entrepreneurs, and converting raw ideas into flourishing businesses.


These include:

• Empowering entrepreneurs 

• Optimising potentials 

• Reducing unemployment 

  • Adding societal value


Some of the benefits to be derived include:

• Empowering entrepreneurs

• Added societal value 

• Increased tax potentials 

• Encouragement for other entrepreneurs 

• Wealth creation

• Job creation

• Reduced crime rates

• Encouraging entrepreneurship 



Business Plan

Some thoughts to consider are: 

• Monetisation plan

• Profit sharing formula 

• Target customers 

• Funding

• Capital required 

• Running costs

• Office location

• Resources required 

• Human resources 

• Equipment 

• Marketing plan 

• Cash flow

  • Business processes 
  • Etc.


To fund the business, some considerations are: 

• Loans

• Grants

• Investors 

• Collaborators

  • Crowdfunding 
  • Etc.


This is of great importance.

  • Endeavor to compensate the entrepreneurs and stakeholders, fairly. 
  • Be transparent as much as necessary. 
  • Protect the interest of entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. 
  • Manage the intellectual rights. 
  • Don’t take over the intellectual rights because you are the administrator. 
  • This could help in the longevity and sustainability of your business. 
  • It could also help your business to flourish


Some considerations are: 

• Agreements and contracts 

• Profit-sharing formula 

• Non-disclosure agreement

  • Business registration 
  • Intellectual rights
  • General data protection regulation 

• Managing litigation

  • Business ownership 
  • Etc.



• Wealth creation 

• Empowerment and inspiration 

• Confidence building 

  • There could be a snow ball effect; 
    • if people see the success of this business, 
    • other entrepreneurs may want to come on board

• Job creation

• Crime reduction

• Increased gross domestic product

• A fairer society

• Opportunities for more tax payments and collection

  • Expanding the entrepreneurial landscape


Some of the involved processes are:

• Fundraising 

• Articulating the idea 

• Packaging the idea

• Consulting 

• Profit-sharing formula administration

• Risk management

• Human resource management

• Added value 

  • Project execution 
  • Administration
  • Accounting

• Business scaling 

• Marketing 

• Business viability

• Monetisation

• Supporting the entrepreneur 

• Integrity 

  • Accessing the business idea

Profit Sharing Formula 

A fair formula needs to be agreed. The scope of work needs to be articulated and agreed. The interests of the entrepreneur and others, need to be protected. As a point of reference, please watch our 2 videos on Profit Sharing Formula App on YouTube; it talks about the concept of the profit-sharing formula in a scientific manner that is ethical and fair to all concerned parties.



Requirements For This Business 

These include:

• Consulting skills 

• Communication skills 

• Interpersonal skills 

• Knowledge of business funding 

• Good reputation

• A team

• Technical skills

• Entrepreneurial skills

• Relevant knowledge

• Experience and exposure 

• Networking skills 

• Information technology skills 

• Intellect 

• Office 

• Social media skills

• Human resource management

  • Relevant equipment   
  • Etc.

Risk management

You might need to consider:

• Conflict resolution management 

• Insurance

  • Business failure 
  • Fraud management

• Loss of income

• Litigation

• Intellectual theft

  • Staff turnover 
  • Etc.

Target audience 

The target audience for this business model is mainly entrepreneurial minds who haven’t got the wherewithal to see their ideas to fruition. They may have great ideas, which could make a great difference; but no enabling environment to see them  through to business success. Such people could be in different parts of the world and could be in different endeavours.


Value Chain

These could include:

• Consultants 

• Entrepreneurs

• Marketers

• Fundraisers

• Profit sharing formula administrator 

• General Administrator

• Researchers 

  • Legal officers
  • Freelancers

• Risk manager 

• Finance officers

• Accountants

• Project manager 

  • Information technology officer 
  • Etc. 

  • Some of these officers could hold multiple roles.

Weaknesses And Threats

These could include:

• Fraud 

• Conflict 

• Unfairness 

• Greed 

• Miscommunication 

• Inadequate expectation management 

• Poor strategy

• Disagreement 

  • Intellectual theft 
  • Etc.



The whole idea is to have a business, or non governmental agency, whose role is to empower and inspire entrepreneurial minds who have great ideas.

The ideas shall be evaluated; and processes be put in place to ensure that the Entrepreneurs and society benefit from worthwhile ideas, especially during the lifetime of such Entrepreneurs.


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Ire o (I wish you blessings) 

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Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds - Jack’s Curated Business Idea - Jack Lookman - John Tosin Adekunle - empowering and inspiring generations

  Hello. Greetings to one and all, this is Jack Lookman welcoming you to our series on Jack’s Curated Business Ideas . Today’s topic is:   ...