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Digital Career Guidance App - Jack’s Curated Business Idea


Digital Career Guidance App

Jack’s Curated Business Idea

By Jack Lookman 

Jack’s Curated Business Ideas


As a trained Engineer, I learnt to find solutions to problems.

As someone who enjoyed Mathematics, I also learnt analytical skills.

This content is an attempt at finding a cost effective solution to a problem that affected some of us in our youth; and which could affect some others in the present and future.

I’ve married real life experience with technology, knowledge and an Entrepreneurial mind, to contribute to the solution of the problem of ‘Career Choice’.

I’ve also leveraged my skills in Content Creation and Affiliate Marketing to make a business case.

Have a great read. 

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The foundational sacrifices of my parents are much appreciated.

I was fortified with spiritual and academic knowledge and practices; as well as great life skills.

Contributions of John Tosin Adekunle are appreciated.

Taiwo and Owolabi are also appreciated; I see a lot of practical Islam in you.

Roland Owolabi, you are appreciated.

Also Seyi Sikirat, thank you.

Chinedu China, I appreciate you.

My beautiful Tolu Mayowa Tobi you are very much appreciated.

To all those who’ve added value to me, I say, thank you.   Jaaloo Puzzles


This piece of work is dedicated to all my family members.

My Late Dad

My Mum

My Siblings

My Children

May Allah grant us goodness in this world and the hereafter and protect us from the torment of hell fire. Ameen.   Jaaloo Puzzles


Digital Career Guidance App

Jack’s Curated Business Ideas

By Jack Lookman


1. Introduction

2. Here are some case studies.

3. Proposed Solutions

4. What Are The Opportunities Presented?

5. What are the benefits of the product?

6. What are the proposed products and services?

7. What Are The Threats That The Project Could Face?

8. How could this project be implemented?

9. How could the product be marketed?

10. Could you Leverage Sales Funnels?

11. Some Thoughts on the Business Plan

12. Data Capture of Users and Benefits

13. Further Data Capture of The Users

14. Could Audio or Video Interviews Add Value?

15. Frequently Asked Questions

16. Platforms for the project

17. Monetisation options for the project

18. Format of the Content

19. Some monetary thoughts

20. The Need for Research and Development

21. Who is the target audience for the product?

22. How Will the App Work?

23. Some legal considerations

24. People and Platforms to Leverage

25. Products and services that could be monetised

26. How could you monetise?

27. Price plans

28. Some features of the finished product

29. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

30. Did you get value?

About Jack Lookman

OTHER PUBLICATIONS BY Jack Lookman Limited   Jaaloo Puzzles

Jack’s Curated Business Idea

1. Introduction


This is Jack Lookman welcoming you to our series on Jack’s Curated Business IdeasThe theme for the content, is: The Digital Career Guidance App’This was inspired by the practical situations I  experienced as a youth, including its impact on others and may be society.

I explore the Business Idea of leveraging a Digital Career Guidance App as an effective informational product to overcome the problem of wrong career choice.

Brief real life case studies are mentioned of those who made wrong career choices.

You'll also learn about the many benefits that the Digital Career Guidance App offers, in a cost effective way.

You shall learn about monetisation opportunities.

You shall also learn about marketing options.

In addition to the application of this career guide, you'll learn how to maximise the benefits of using this app as a stream of income —whether as a student, parent, professional or organisation

Although reference is generally made to ‘university’,  the context of this idea   could be applied to different academic institutions

The major problems that led to the development of the digital career guidance app idea, are defined below:

  • Observation of professional and academic square pegs in round holes. As an instance, a lot of graduates find themselves working in environments that do not support their passion. You'll see a lot of case studies as you read on
  • We also observe insufficient career guidance in making informed decisions. Many people, especially students are drowned in the pool of disappointment because they lack insufficient guidance in making wise decision about their career. Hence, the development of this app idea
  • There are wasted resources individually and collectively. Resources are wasted in training and re-training students who have made wrong career choices
  • There’s a lot of peer pressure in the choice of career as a result of inadequate information.Some students blindly follow the bandwagon
  • There could also be parental pressure- due to wrong or inadequate information.They impose career choices on their children, because it’s what their friends have chosen for their children.   Jaaloo Puzzles 

2. Here are some case studies. 

  • Masters in Law goes into Upholstery
  • Internationally trained Lawyer goes into Fashion Design
  • Loads of Engineers go into Accounting
  • Engineers go into Administration
  • Engineers go into Secondary School Teaching
  • Engineers go into Management Consultancy
  • Engineers go into Content Creation
  • Academic Professionals become Religious Clerics
  • Engineers go into Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Engineers go into Insurance
  • Engineers go into Marketing
  • Engineers go into Public Speaking
  • Doctors go into Property Management
  • Engineers go into Finance
  • Engineers go into Banking
  • Engineers go into Stand Up Comedy

The list could go on.  

While every individual has his reason for transitioning, for example, from an Engineer to a Digital Marketer, could it be beneficial to save resources by doing the ‘right’ course from the onset? And consideration given to, rethinking the curriculum? 

You may argue that these individuals are multi-talented, but I’m sure that you get my point about how much resources are wasted when you give up on  what  you've spent a lot of resources acquiring

Some may not have the luxury of changing career paths, and may end up in misery and become societal nuisances.

Jaaloo Puzzles 

3. Proposed Solutions

  • Getting it right first time
  • Input relevant data into the app as you'll see in section ahead
  • The app outputs suggested courses for you
  • It links the user to related content
  • The app guides students and parents on career choice
  • Created content shall be in text, audio or video format
  • There shall be a Youtube channel with relevant interviews and content
  • The platform shall enlighten students and parents on career choices and options. This could even open their minds to careers and side hustles they never thought of   Jaaloo Puzzles 

4. What Are The Opportunities Presented?

  • Job Creation 
  • Wealth creation
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Passive income generation
  • Recurring income opportunities
  • Multiple marketing opportunities
  • Evergreen product
  • Minimal maintenance of the product/s
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Affiliate Marketing opportunities
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Multiple income streams
  • Global usage
  • Local usage
  • Instant access to the product

Jaaloo Puzzles 

5. What are the benefits of the product?

  • It saves you a lot of time, effort and resources
  • It allows you to select and do your desired course straightaway rather than having to re-train in later years
  • It helps in fitting round pegs in round holes by helping you connect your passion to your purpose
  • It enhances more effective use of resources
  • It adds value to society
  • It provides job satisfaction
  • It facilitates optimal use of individual talents
  • It facilitates the teaching more engaged and interested students
  • Useful resource for career guidance counsellors, students, parents, guardians and other stakeholders

Jaaloo Puzzles 

Jack’s Curated Business Idea

6. What are the proposed products and services?

  • an app
  • audios/ videos
  • valuable information on career options
  • consultancy
  • signposting   Jaaloo Puzzles 

7. What Are The Threats That The Project Could Face?

  • It could disrupt the status quo
  • It may affect the income of some professionals
  • Professionals in the industry may feel threatened
  • There may be issues around internet connectivity in some countries
  • There might also be issues around affordability

Jaaloo Puzzles 

8. How could this project be implemented?

  • By creating complimentary products and service.
  • Link the varied products and services by leveraging information technology
  • Leverage as necessary- I’ll speak on this later
  • Identify your target audience
  • Do your costing and pricing
  • You could have multiple prices for different value and access
  • Consider creating products and services for a season, lifetime and evergreen
  • Give some thought to your monetisation models.
  • Have systems and structures in place for an effective business model

jacksempowerment.comJaaloo Puzzles 

9. How could the product be marketed?

  • Involve affiliate marketers
  • Leverage digital marketers 
  • Leverage influencer marketers
  • Use traditional marketers 
  • Leverage lead magnets
  • Employ the use of sales funnels
  • Time your marketing activities accordingly- be aware of peak and off peak cycles
  • Leverage the use of search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Market and re-market to your mailing list
  • Effectively leverage your mailing list

Jaaloo Puzzles 

10. Could you Leverage Sales Funnels?

Yes! You can leverage sales funnel by  having a lead magnet and your main product. As well as create upsells, down-sells and cross-sells. After that, you could market and re-market other products and services now and in the future to your mailing list.   Jaaloo Puzzles

11. Some Thoughts on the Business Plan 

Articulate your value chain  and the resources required. Set targets as necessary and do your research and development. Have your marketing plan and  do your costing and pricing. Have affordable products and services to fit different wallet sizesHave a project plan and leverage freelancers to cut costs. Brainstorm as necessary and do your budgetingYou could also explore finance options. You may need to have a team, even if it’s ad-hoc. Then do your risk management, to mitigate any risks.Give some thought to scaling the business;  and have an effective exit strategy     Jaaloo Puzzles 

12. Data Capture of Users and Benefits

  • Name
  • Email
  • Age group
  • Location (state/ country)
  • Mobile number (including international code)
  • Sign-in with Social media
  • Interests

These data shall be of immense value, especially when you intend to do your marketing and re-marketing.

Jaaloo Puzzles 

13. Further Data Capture of The Users

  • Their passion
  • Their strengths
  • Personality traits:
    • introvert? 
    • extrovert?
    • cross breed?
  • Their affordability to pursue the course
  • Exploration of funding options for university
  • knowledge of available scholarships
  • Option of a psychometric test to ascertain the right mindset
  • Their intellectual and other capabilities
  • Capacity to do courses of interest
  • monthly disposable income

These are optional and just suggestions. They could be adapted to suit individual situations.   Jaaloo Puzzles 

14. Could Audio or Video Interviews Add Value? 

Yes, they couldAll  you need to do is to upload onto Youtube or suitable platforms. You can also conduct interviews with lecturers, professionals, current university students, relevant practitioners, fresh graduates as well as academics and researchers. You could leverage zoom or similar others to minimise cost and be more efficientit’s important for these to be of good quality.This work stream could be outsourced to freelancers   Jaaloo Puzzles

15. Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Are there alternatives to formal education?
  • Could I outsource the interviews?
  • Could I outsource project implementation?
  • How do I do the content creation?
  • How do I do a project plan? 
  • These and more, are questions to ponder  Jaaloo Puzzles 

16. Platforms for the project

The app could be on

  • app store
  • google play
  • etc

The audios, videos and text could be on:

  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Social media
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Podcast
  • Blog
  • Ebook
  • Audiobook
  • Paperback
  • Membership site 
  • A combination of the above
  • or suitable alternatives

jacksempowerment.comJaaloo Puzzles 

17. Monetisation options for the project

Some options are:

  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Product sales
  • Upsells, down-sells, cross-sells
  • Adverts on digital platforms
  • Collaborations with 3rd parties
  • Re-marketing
  • 1-1 Career counselling
  • Consultancy

Jaaloo Puzzles 

18. Format of the Content 

It could be

  • audio
  • video
  • text
  • braille
  • a combination of the aforementioned
  • or suitable alternatives
  • these could be interactive sessions
  • or narratives.

Jaaloo Puzzles 

19. Some monetary thoughts

  • Budget
  • Investors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Accounting
  • Costing
  • Pricing
  • Cash flow
  • Price plans
  • Financial forecast
  • Return on investment 
  • Dividends to investors
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Tax matters
  • Profit Sharing Formula   Jaaloo Puzzles

20. The Need for Research and Development


It's necessary to conduct research and development. This should be part of the planning process. You may wish to conduct; 

  • Market research
  • Product research
  • Competitor research and
  • browse University brochures   Jaaloo Puzzles

21. Who is the target audience for the product?

  • Secondary school and College students
  • Potential university intakes
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Career counsellors
  • Marketers
  • Collaboratorsand investors.   jacksempowerment.comJaaloo Puzzles 

22. How Will the App Work?

  • User registers on the app
  • Then, inputs academic subjects of interest,  other interests, financial situations and personality traits
  • they’ll also include their strengths and weaknesses
  • their aspirations, etc
  • The app then suggests different courses, careers,  vocations,  occupations,  side hustles, income streams, etc.
  • The  app also advises of average career incomes and relative income compared to other professionals.
  • The app signposts you to relevant videos, job opportunities after graduation, entrepreneurial opportunities and trainings
  • The app advises of earning potential, locations of optimal professional or career practice
  • The app suggests alternatives to formal education
  • The app suggests budgeting alternatives for study
  • The app gives an insight to the university experience, career and professional practice
  • The app suggests options, in case of crisis during study; for example, sickness, failure, bereavement, finances, etc.
  • The app collects data of users as necessary
  • The app suggests transferable skills, further studies, and further complementary skills to acquire.
  • the app could also signpost you to coaches and mentors   Jaaloo Puzzles

23. Some legal considerations

You need to be on the right side of the law; otherwise this could have financial and other implications.Give some thought to the undermentioned:

  • GDPR Compliance - General Data Protection Regulation in Europe
  • Terms and Conditions for users and stakeholders
  • Contract/s with stakeholders and users
  • Disclaimer
  • Protecting intellectual rights of the app, content, logo, etc
  • Business legal status, e.g. sole proprietor, limited liability company, etc
  • Tax matters
  • Regulatory mattersin different geographical locations   Jaaloo Puzzles 

24. People and Platforms to Leverage

You could leverage the undermentioned:

  • University brochures- as a guide for curating content
  • Your network; such as  alumni associations,  professional networks,  professional colleagues etc.
  • You could leverage social media platforms for research, marketing, etc
  • You could leverage freelancing websites for hiring your team; which could be ad-hoc
  • You could leverage career counsellors in order to get professional tips and optionally collaborate as necessary

jacksempowerment.comjaaloo.comJaaloo Puzzles 

25. Products and services that could be monetised

  • The app
  • Audios/ videos on different platforms
  • Social media outlets - e.g Youtube, Facebook, etc
  • Podcast
  • 1-1 career counselling services
  • Membership site
  • Audio books
  • Ebooks
  • Paperbacks
  • Products and services of third parties
  • Complimentary products and services.
  • Consultancy
  • Blog
  • Public Speaking   Jaaloo Puzzles 

Jack’s Curated Business Ideas

26. How could you monetise?

  • app sale
  • app licence
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • sponsors
  • adverts
  • re-marking to mailing list
  • consultancy   Jaaloo Puzzles 

27. Price plans

For the app, this could range from free to whatever price, depending on the value purchased.

For the free version, you could monetise indirectly.

You could monetise the mailing list.

You could include adverts, etc.

Users may purchase only for a minimal period, hence could pay less.

You could make money from in-app purchases or 3rd party purchases.

Some could purchase the app for longer periods, or access greater functionality; they could pay more.

Professional Career Counsellors may use all functionalities, and use it for a lifetime.

Some may decide to introduce paying users, and therefore get a discount.

There are quite a few direct and indirect ‘pricing’ options.   Jaaloo Puzzles 

28. Some features of the finished product

The product could give the undermentioned information, and more:

  • Cost estimate for each course per year.
  • Estimated cost to complete the course
  • Associated costs for each course
  • Likelihood of getting a job within a year or period
  • Data capture of users
  • Output of suggested courses, etc
  • Duration of each course
  • What each course offers
  • Academic requirements for each course
  • Whether the career is family friendly
  • Peculiarities of each university
  • Perks of the career 
  • Whether the career accommodates basic religious practices
  • Whether the career is predominantly gender biased
  • Average annual income for practitioners
  • Average weekly work hours for practitioners
  • Average annual holidays for practitioners
  • Average job retention rate of practitioners
  • Average job satisfaction rate of practitioners
  • Academic success rates of students
  • Lifestyles of practitioners
  • Lifestyles of students
  • Requirements for professional practice
  • Opportunities outside the profession
  • Chances of getting a job
  • Accredited academic institutions
  • Background information about institutions
  • Information and experiences in each university
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • List of mentors
  • Transferable skills
  • Possible side hustles
  • Career journeys of practitioners
  • Links to relevant Youtube channels
  • Links to digital content
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Digital links to content on effective job hunting
  • Digital links on interview skills
  • Digital links to relevant networking sites
  • Digital links to alumni associations
  • Ease of getting a job (index)
  • Ease of self employment
  • Index of transferable skills
  • Feedback from users
  • Digital links to professional bodies
  • Share button - to invite family and friends to use the app
  • Donation button - for donations to your business or selected charity organisations
  • Affiliate Marketing button - for users to become Affiliate Marketers
  • Average duration for each course
  • Signposts to side hustles
  • Signposts to content on inspirational personalities
  • Signpost to content on best practice
  • Signposts to content on avoiding pitfalls
  • Average success rate for each university
  • Required or suggested further learning
  • Accredited professional bodies
  • University ranking, locally and globally for each course
  • Accreditation for University and courses
  • Diaspora opportunities
  • Other available opportunities
  • Etc   Jaaloo Puzzles 

29. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The above is an academic exercise with lots of potential. If meticulously explored,  it could provide value—locally and globally. As a result, it could create jobs and wealth after the initial work is done

Multiple financial benefits could be attained; the product could be location specific, e.g country or region specific; or it could be global

It could be curated in language or languages of choice; or particular scripts could be translated.

Since this is a digital product; it’s very scalable.

As you probably know, there are no guarantee in business. The above is just an idea. It needs to be perfected and refined to stand a chance of success

If you wish to collaborate, please contact me privately. It will be nice to have a chat and take this further. Please direct mail me on Facebook messenger, linkedin or suitable alternatives. Search for Jack Lookman

jacksempowerment.comJaaloo Puzzles 

30. Did you get value?  

If yes, please spread the word

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Thank you very much for your timeThis is Olayinka Carew aka Jack Lookman  signing off

 Ire o (I wish you blessings

Ire kabiti (I wish you loads of blessings) 

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About Jack Lookman 

Olayinka  Carew, aka Jack Lookman  is the 1st of 5 Children.

He has 3 children, and an elderly mum. He is resident in the United Kingdom and is of Nigerian origin.

He studied at King’s College, Lagos and University of Lagos.

He has varied life and work experiences.

He has been involved in voluntary and paid jobs.

He is dedicating the rest of his life to empowering and inspiring generations.

This is one of his legacy projects.

Though he has health challenges, he does not let that impede his mission and vision. 

Even though he studied Engineering in University; his calling is so many miles away from that. He is currently an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Affiliate Marketer and Mentor.

He is the Director and Owner of Jack Lookman Limited, a registered business in the United Kingdom; and their aim is to empower and inspire generations by leveraging the internet.

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