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The Bachelors’ Club - Jack’s Curated Business Idea - Jack Lookman


Hello, greetings to one and all. Welcome to Jack’s Curated Business Ideas. Today's topic is 

The Bachelors’ Club.

Some marriages fail, because expectations are not fully managed. Many fail due to lack of preparedness. Meanwhile, others fail due to the wrong mindset, and some, due to incompatibility.

With this business model, we intend to proactively groom bachelors for marriage. 

It will be a user-led online activity where different aspects of marriage will be explored; professionals will facilitate the process and experienced husbands will be involved. Also, newly-weds and potential husbands will be involved. 

Rather than impose what is right or wrong on the client, the idea is to explore rhetorical questions and then allow the potential husbands make individual conclusions.

1. Value Proposition

We shall be proactively helping adult males make informed decisions on marriage by leveraging the internet.

2. Process

You can create your curriculum, do marketing, arrange meetings, send reminders to attendees and semi-automate processes. 

Also, you can have your rules and regulations, sort out legalities, articulate discussion points, moderate meetings, signpost your audience to more content and mentors, give homework to your attendees and have a registration process in place.

3. Number of Participants

Each session can have up to five to ten clients depending on your judgment call. This could be more manageable and more effective, enabling a personal touch. Depending on the topic at hand and logistics, a professional, experienced husband or recent husband may be in attendance, individually or collectively.

4. Curriculum

This shall include the full range, from pre-marriage, marriage, to post-marriage. It shall also include parenting, spirituality, case studies, sexual issues, in-laws, sickness, death, etc.

5. Digital Content

There shall be complementary digital content, which shall be updated as necessary. This could be on different platforms, such as social media, blogs, membership sites, podcasts etc.


6. Marketing Considerations

You may want to consider:

Digital marketing

Social media marketing

Influencer marketing


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content marketing

Word of mouth

Print marketing

Radio marketing

  • Digital marketer
  • DIY marketing - do it yourself.
  • Content marketing website 
  • Blog 
  • And marketing, generally.
  • WhatsApp marketing
  • Sales funnel
  • Collaborations
  • Front links, back links and internal links

7. Benefits

These include:



Useful knowledge dissemination

Added societal value

Wealth creation

Job creation

Marital round pegs to round holes



Reduced divorce rate

More productive society

  • Minimised conflicts
  • Etc

8. Unique Selling Proposition

The business model is a proactive way of empowering bachelors to learn and make informed decisions on marriage by leveraging the internet.

9. Costing Thoughts

These include: digital devices, human resources, Profit Sharing Formula App, communication network, time, marketing, profit margin, number of clients, competition, discounts, logistics, etc.

10. Pricing Considerations

These include: profit margin, cost of delivery, affordability of customers, volume of clients,  demand and supply, complimentary products and services, sales funnel, Profit Sharing Formula App , competition in the market place, operational costs, capital cost, etc.

11. Frequency of the Meetings

The time and frequency of  meetings shall be agreed between stakeholders and the clients. 

It could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. 

Depending on the agreement, the duration of each session could be an hour, 30 minutes or 45 minutes,  etc. 

You will also need to agree on the time of the day that the sessions will take place; it could be in the morning, afternoon or evening. 

You also need to decide on the day or days of the week. These could be during the week day (in the evenings), or anytime during weekends, as agreed. 

You should consider global time differences if your clients are located in different countries or time zones. 


12. What problem are you solving?


You will help reduce the rate of divorces and help educate men on intricacies of marriage. You shall add value to society, to marriages, to the marriage institution, and reduce marital conflict.

13. Profit Sharing Formula

A profit-sharing formula app could be used for effective, fair and just profit sharing among business stakeholders. The team will share profits based on agreed criteria and the profit-sharing formula app tracks this effectively.

14. Funding

The business model is not expected to be costly; the stakeholders could finance the business or get outsiders to finance it. The profit-sharing formula app could be used in effecting fair sharing of profits. Funding could be got through crowdfunding, stakeholder funding, investors, bank loan, or loan from family and friends, etc.

15. Requirements for Club Membership

There shall be an application process. Applicants  have to fit into your criteria. They need to have a digital device, and internet access. They also need to be proactive, make payment and be committed.

16. Business Requirements

These include digital devices, administration, internet connection, human resources, zoom or other communication platforms, membership site, social media platforms, marketers and advertisers, information technology leads. You also need to invest in research and development; as well as Training & Development.

17. Monetisation

  • You could leverage multiple platforms such as social media, membership sites, books (via amazon or alternatives), blog, podcast, etc.

There shall be payments for sessions, for example 1 to 1’s, or 1 to many.

You could do affiliate marketing on your platforms.

  • You could do public speaking
  • You could include paid adverts on your platforms
  • You could leverage collaborations
  • You could offer consultancy to individuals and organisations.

18. Suggested payment plans

Payments could be made quarterly, biannually or annually.

You could offer discounts, based on different factors, such as the longevity of your association, receptiveness of the client, the amount of purchases made, introduction of other clients, etc.

19. Payment Gateways

This could be through:



Pay and Earn

  • Flutter wave 
  • Etc

20. Refund Policy

Research and include this in your contract. This helps with expectation management and reduction or avoidance of conflict. There are also templates online; pick, choose and edit as necessary.

21. Target Demographics

These could include undergraduates, fresh graduates, graduates, Muslims, Christians, other religious groups, adults, youths, Nigerians, Yoruba, Hausas, Igbos, diasporas, other ethnicities, etc. 

It could also include divorcees, widowers, older men, those who share common values, community groups,   or it could be a combination of the above.

22. Team.

These could include marriage counsellor, experienced husband, a recent husband, religious clerics, content creator, experienced wife, a recent wife, widow, widower, divorcees, entrepreneur, marketer, etc. 

There could be duplication of roles by individuals, and some of those mentioned above will be Ad hoc team members. 

They will also be anonymous as necessary. They  shall be invited to sessions as necessary.

23. Platform

  • This shall be online, through:
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Social Media
  • WhatsApp 
  • Or suitable others


24. Disclaimer

This is just a business idea and not and an end in itself. You need to perfect it to suit your business objectives.  

25. Value Chain

These include content creation, marketing, knowledge dissemination, blogging, book authoring, content marketing, brainstorming, etc.

26. Legalities

You need to put legalities in place. In addition to the refund policy, you need to include terms and conditions, disclaimers, legal agreements or contracts, with all related parties. These include  with clients, stakeholders and any other related third parties.

27. What is your product or service?

In simple understandable language, it is an organised set of online sessions, where adult men are counselled and educated on marriage and its pros and cons so that they can make informed decision before embarking on the journey of marriage.

28. Can this business be scaled?

I think it can. You could replicate the business model to different niches. For example, the same model can be replicated for spinsters, Muslims, Christians, other religious groups, and other demographics. It could be for different age demographics, cultures, ethnicities, countries and diasporas. 

You could also have a franchise.

29. Income Streams

These could include books, online content, premium products and services, as well as 1 to 1 sessions. As well as membership sites, blogs, affiliate marketing, podcast, adverts on your platforms, social media channels, mentoring, dating websites, gift service, grooming of bachelors, grooming of spinsters, optimal job search services, and income optimisation opportunities.

After all, if you are going to be a husband, you need to have a good income to support the family. 

As a business, you could offer this as a service, collaborate with others, or include Affiliate Marketing  links on your platforms. You could also delve into content and related services on parental skills, etc.

30. Perks

As perks to your clients, you could offer discounts on products and services; you could make them affiliate marketers of your products and services and give them generous commissions. 

For those who perform exceptionally; you could offer them additional perks such as free complementary products and services, or give additional discounts, or  you could collaborate with them. 

31. Exit strategy for Clients

They could terminate the engagement at any point and they could give notice or not, depending on the contract they signed. They may get a refund, if your  policy permits. Also, they could assign their unused product and services to relevant others or come to an agreement with you on this.

32. Exit Strategy for Stakeholders

The profit-sharing formula app probably addresses this. Alternatively, the related legal documents could  address it. 

All documents or agreements could be amended as necessary. 

If the agreement does not effectively address the issue, there shall be mutual and fair agreement on the resolution. Or you might involve a conflict resolution agent to mediate. 

The agreement could then be updated accordingly, to avoid a repeat scenario.

33. Value?

I hope that you got some value from this content; if so, please consider sharing with others. 

Also, feel free to follow us and comment as necessary. 

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This is Jack Lookman signing off.  Ire o (I wish you blessings)

Ire kabiti (I wish you loads of blessings).

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