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 Freelance Domestic Culinary Coaching

Hello! Welcome to another series of  Jack's curated business ideas. This is Jack lookman and today's topic is Freelance Domestic Culinary Coaching. 

Have you come across people who cannot cook? Those who rely on fast foods or restaurants for a lifetime? This paints a picture on this and their finances may be highly impacted sooner or later. 

The demographics could include teenagers, bachelors, spinsters, undergraduates adults, Etc

The parents may not have had their had the time or means to teach them how to cook. The demographics may also not have been susceptible to learning during their early years. The costs of culinary schools may be very expensive. It may also be difficult to get a good school within reach. 

We live in a digital age where entrepreneurship could be married to digitalization. Now let's consider some points. Some individuals are good at cooking; they may be good at particular dishes. These dishes could be traditional or specialists. They may have their main jobs but require a side hustle. They may seek the side hustle as a freelancer so that they are more in control of their time. 

  • What if there is a platform—one which advertises such people? 
  • The Learners could come to their homes to learn how to cook.
  • The relevant dishes would be advertised as necessary.
  • The costing and location will be shared as necessary.
  • Expectations will be duly managed by all parties.
  • Legalities will also be managed.
  • Reviews will be given by all concerned parties at the end of each session or sessions and all due processes perfected. 
  • Money shall be collected via the online platform and remitted to The Culinary coach as necessary.
  • The relevance checks and balances need to be put in place. All “is” is to be  to be dotted and “Ts” to be crossed. 
  • Conflict Management Systems also needs to be put in place as well as adequate costing as necessary.
  • Like everything else there might be some challenges. The concerned personalities may not becompatible the clients may feel short-changed. 
  • Accidents may happen; either party might be late or absent.
  • The important thing is to manage possible eventualities. 
  • Systems and structures should be put inplace to mitigate any challenges. This shall be updated as necessary

Now who could benefit from this business model or business idea? 

  • Well, the I.T Personnel who will create or manage the platform. 
  • The entrepreneur
  • The marketer
  • The Culinary coach
  • The client
  • Maybe Society at large. 

What Threats or Challenges are There? 

This could affect the status quo. It could be a threat to restaurants, to fast food companies, to culinary schools. There could be conflicts and litigation

Also, please note the processes

Here are some suggested processes. 

  • The platform is created and advertised. 
  • Culinary coaches shall advertise on the platform. 
  • Interested clients could pick a coach of choice. 
  • Appointments are made and kept.
  • The desired choice of culinary skill is agreed. 
  • A learning timetable is agreed.
  • Reviews are given by both parties and the process can be repeated for other clients Etc
  • Additional or other relevance processes may be added. 
  • The peak periods for learning could be during holidays. 
  • In line with this demand and Supply principles, the prices may be slightly higher as the demand increases. 
  • Legalities shall be complied with. 

This could be regulations by government bodies, health and safety regulations Etc

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