Thursday 11 January 2024

Empowering Young Undergraduates - Jack’s Curated Business Idea


There are unemployed people 

Youths, graduates, etc

But let’s focus on the graduate youths.

For them to be graduates

They probably have some desirable qualities

They may be graduates in whatever discipline.

For them to get into university

And for them to qualify

There are certain qualities that they probably have:

-research skills





However, for one reason or the other

They don’t have a job

They may however consider self employment

But have neither finance nor resources

They may be unable to get a mentor

One who'll smoothen the journey

At the end of the day

Some may get involved in mischief

Taking part in crime; and undesirable activities


Here come the questions:

How do you empower this demographic?

How do you monetise it?

What if you create useful content?…

For them to consume at little or no cost?

May be using free platforms like youtube or podcast

Or membership sites and blogs

Your insights may stimulate their thoughts

And guide them along the way

They may find opportunities

And leverage them

They may even volunteer with you 

In exchange for these.

Your content shall research useful topics

Those that resonate with them

These could be curated and edited

To suit your chosen demographic

You could even research the internet

And share useful content with them

They would already have filled a questionnaire

So that you have a feel of their pain points

You’ll also get to know

Their aptitudes, and capabilities

You then find solutions

At little or no cost to them

There could be terms and conditions

For pay back or none

You could offer this service

For free or little

It could be your side hustle

Or even the main one

You'd need to work out a monetisation plan

This could be via adverts or sponsorship

It could be the inclusion of premium content

It could be them exchanging service for free

They could be volunteers in what you do

Or they could be mentees with value to add

The purpose of this article is to stimulate thoughts

You could also research best practice

The core of this post, 

Is to leverage the use of content

By getting the graduates

To be a part of the process

You shall leverage their intellect and expertise

In exchange for you empowering them

By showing the way and processes

They could get exposed to lots of opportunities

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