Saturday 27 January 2024

Getting The Best Of Volunteers And Staff - Jack’s Curated Business Idea


Voluntary Organisations, Non Governmental Organisations 

And Charity Organisations

Generally use volunteers

Some, if not most of the volunteers, are not formally trained

This may be due to financial constraints

Or because there are no proper systems and structures in place

Yet the output from volunteers

Could be multiplied;

And resources effectively managed

Time and effort may be effectively used

And the stress and strain on all parties minimised

All it takes is an investment in training

This may be once or in instalments

The training could contain specific and generic content

Membership sites could be leveraged for suitable access.

Audio, video and text could be used

The content could come from ‘experts’

Internally, externally or both

Volunteers and staff could have access as necessary

The access could be paid- for, by the organisation

Individuals or by sponsors

Although there may be cost implications

The return on investment  could be multiplied

Apart from adding value to the organisation

It also adds value to the individuals, community and society

You may ask how this is a business idea

As a Content Creator

You could create and articulate the content

You could either be the custodian…

Or you sell or manage it; 

Terms and condition will apply

You could replicate this business model to different organisations

And make money by so doing

Some skills required for the business, are:

-basic information technology skills

-basic video editing skills

-negotiation skills

-communication skills

-inter-personal skills

-Research and Development skills

-networking skills

-marketing skills

If you don't have the skills

You could partner or collaborate with third parties

In order to compliment yours

Some resources required, are:

-digital devices  -e.g tablet or computer

-access to the internet

-human resource (as necessary)


-It saves training time

-It's easily accessible (anywhere and anytime)

-Training costs are reduced

-It’s effective

-It will be easily accessible

-It could be updated as necessary

-It’s cost effective

-it’s flexible

-It adds value to the organisation, staff and volunteers

-It adds value to the society

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