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Jack’s Curated Business Idea

A listing website generally 

Advertises different products and services

In most cases these are advertised at a cost

It’s more like the traditional yellow pages

Except that it is digitalised

And could be niche specific

In some cases the process could be automated

Where advertisers are listed, upon payment

The payment and content

Is vetted by software

In which case you could make money

While you are sleeping

You could learn how to create this

By researching the internet

Or you could get someone in IT 

To help you do the needful

You could either pay for the service

Or do a collaboration

You’d profit share

And have an agreement

You could even leverage the Profit Sharing Formula App to ensure fairness

And carry out business processes

With due diligence


Though I've mentioned Nigerians

It could apply to other demographics

Now that you have an idea of listing websites…

You may ask how it could be applied to Nigerians in diaspora

This is a demography

Probably with similar backgrounds

They may also have

Similar interests too

They are religious, hard working

Industrious and creative

This and more

Could I have to tell

In which case…

Churches and Mosques could advertise

Business owners could.

Mentors and job adverts

And community groups too

If a new Nigerian diaspora comes to town

Your website should be one of the first go-to places

They should be able to find relatable content 

Or products and services


In terms of monetisation

In addition to the fees for adverts

You could monetise via:

-Affiliate Marketing 

-google Adsense 




I hope that you’re with me

If you wish to discuss this further

Please book a 1-1 session at Jack’s Mentoring 101 

Alternatively, you could research the internet

May I include a disclaimer here:

Business doesn't guarantee success

Some succeed and some fail

I'm merely presenting an idea

It's up to you to carry out your due diligence

We shall not be held liable for any failure or negativity that may result from this.

It’s basically an idea which requires nurturing.

I hope that you found value

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Twenty Curated Business Ideas by Jack Lookman 

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I hope you got value 

This is Jack Lookman signing off:

Ire o (I wish you blessings)

Ire kabiti (I wish you loads of blessings) 

A Collection Of Curated Business Ideas By Jack Lookman 

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